Enterprising Monaghan – launch Remote Working Training Programme

Remote working is one of the fastest growing work areas in Ireland. It is where employees have the opportunity to work remotely, full time or part-time, from home or a local hot desk facility. Employers are recognising the benefit of this flexible work arrangement from both a productivity and the quality of the life perspective.

The advent of smart new technologies and suitable hotdesking facilities near home means that many people and their companies are benefiting from this new way of working. Jobs in this area include IT, customer sales and service as well as accountancy and bookkeeping roles. Employers in the area include traditional companies such as the banks and consultancy firms in Dublin as well as new economy firms like Shopify and Wayfair.

With this in mind, Enterprising Monaghan, Monaghan County Council and The Monaghan Town Team have joined forces to deliver a remote working training programme at Enterprising Monaghan’s hot desk facility in M:Tek 1. The programme which recently started aims to train aspirant remote workers in the processes and procedures that they will need for careers in the area. Finbarr Daly, CEO of Enterprising Monaghan, as well as welcoming the programme participants was delighted to introduce Tracy Keogh, co-founder of Grow Remote to the workshop. Tracy is passionate about making sure that people know that there are great opportunities through this approach to work – literally at home on your laptop!

For more information visit: www.enterprisningmonaghan.ie


  • Group photo: Some of the Grow Remote Training Participants with Tracy Keogh, Co-Founder of Grow Remote and Finbarr Daly, CEO Enterprising Monaghan
  • Second Photo: Grow Remote attendee, Egan Maxton who is originally from South Africa but is now living on Monaghan arriving for the training on his uni-cycle.


Note to Editor:

For more information, please contact Finbarr Daly, CEO Enterprising Monaghan.
E: finbarr@enterprisingmonaghan.ie
T: 047 75255